Who Am I?

My name is Neva Çiftçioğlu Banes. I am an alien! No kidding! I have been living away from homeland, Turkey, since 1991. So, I have been living as an "alien" quite a while. When I was working as a scientist at NASA Johnson Space Center (Houston/TX) I was carrying an ID badge like other employee. Everyone else’s badge color was white but because I was an alien, and it was necessary (for NASA policy) to mark aliens, mine was in green color. The most asked question by others was “be honest Neva! We all want to know the truth. Are there green aliens as in Hollywood movies? Are they really in contact with NASA?” My answer was always “I am honest. Yes there are "green aliens working at NASA, and I am one of them”!

As you may guess during my life journey (as a scientist) I met quite many different cultures, life styles and all kind of different way of thinking in different nations. In each new country, my rights and wrongs shifted quite a bit. To be honest, even at daily base rights and wrongs still move around in my head. Therefore I feel like an alien in my own homeland too. Well, do I feel like home anywhere? No, not really. Recently, when I watch the world, notice the carelessness of humanity towards the entire planet pollution, cruelty towards animals, starving kids, material based relationships, minor calculations in politics, fights for religion… and see the values of other people and strength of ego, I feel like an alien in the entire world.

Throughout my life, my time in this physical realm of existence, I have always questioned life and looked at life so much different than a lot of others that I have known, but never thought that I was actually an alien or anything of that sort. However the last 1 or 2 years, I have began to question this realm of existence more than ever. When somebody asks who am I? The cliché answer basically would contain the name, age, profession, nation and family. These information only defines on surface who I really am. I still am looking for myself. Really “who am I?” If I ever find out the satisfactory answer one day, I will let you all know. For now, call me Neva, and "the way of thinking of mine "nevalogy".