Painting on Rocks!


Painting on Rocks!

Painting on Rocks!

I am starting a New Hobby: Painting on Rocks!

I have recently discovered the enjoyable craft of decorating stones. I will just purchase a bag of stones from Michael's Crafts and simply start.

What can you do with your finished, painted stones? Lots of things!

  • Wall decorations
  • Fridge magnets
  • Yard decoration
  • Paperweights
  • Gifts
  • Inspirational messages
  1. I will wash and dry the stones. Depending on the shape of it I will pick a picture and first draw it on the stone with a pencil.
  2. I prefer oil painting or acrylic paints since I have some experience on how to use those. I guess the trick is to be patient and wait for each layer to dry before starting to paint the next layer.
  3. Once I've finished painting my design, it's time to seal it! I will use a sealer (acrylic spray for indoor decorations, spar urethane sealer for outdoor decorations) to make sure my art lasts for a long time.
    I will share the results in coming days.


Beautiful! I started painting

Beautiful! I started painting rocks with my daughters last summer. Since then it has become a super fun activity for us. Please share more photos...

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