Overeasy, Boiled, Poached, Scrambled...

Overeasy, Boiled, Poached, Scrambled...

Overeasy, Boiled, Poached, Scrambled...

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United States presidential election debates are getting more and more interesting. Although I do not like politics, I have been following speeches of almost every single candidates. I am specifically interested in knowing their opinion on future of science and solutions for terroristic attacks. I noticed that among all, only two of them kept underlining importance of science and global climate change in every debate and in every public speeches: Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul. They also have different approach towards terror problem. Both were using the same term: ‘What are we doing at other countries land? Reputation of USA is more harmed than ever since we started invading and not getting measurable success. We lost thousands of lives and gained many wounded Americans (physically and emotionally) ’.

How about the other candidates? I see them as eggs cooked with different recipes: over-easy, boiled, poached or scrambled... People will pick one of them according to how their taste buds feel more satisfied. But after all, what all will digest in their tummy will be just an egg. If one would listen each of the candidate carefully, could see the same message: before science we need to concentrate on fighting with terror (even more aggressively). No one mentions the total cost of the ‘fight for terror’. Most of the public thinks it is billions of dollars... WRONG! The truth is that it is trillions of dollars! Is it worth? Of course. If it will bring peace and safety, it really is worth. However, we are not even close to solve any problem. The terror is spreading all over the world like the most dangerous metastatic cancer. Some say that USA actually achieved many goals with the sent troops in the last 10-15 years. Is it so? Then why all those candidates are still talking with a great pation on terror problem as the main issue and showing themselves as the only hero who will save the nation from terror?

As a scientist I always hated discussing about problems if there is no suggested solution. Do I have a suggestion for solving this gigantic problem? Yes there is a solution. And this solution is there for anyone who reads and understands science. Here are 5 scientific evidence which needs to be known by everyone:

  1. Many young people often join terrorist organizations because they are looking for an identity for themselves. A 2010 study from the United States Institute of Peace found that among “2,032 ‘foreign fighters’” who joined al-Qaeda, being a so-called “identity seeker” was the largest reason to join a terrorist organization. 

  2. Terrorist organizations often grow their ranks by recruiting youths who have a need for belonging. Randy Borum, a professor at the University of South Florida, argued in a 2004 paper that future terrorists find “not only a sense of meaning, but also a sense of belonging, connectedness and affiliation” in terrorist organizations. 

  3. Righting what a terrorist perceives as a wrong is a major factor in youths deciding to engage in terrorist activities. 

  4. According to the United States Institute for Peace, so-called “thrill seekers” accounted for 5% of the “2,032 ‘foreign fighters’” they interviewed in 2011. 

  5. 98% of political terrorists are 19-26 years old, young and energized males. 

So, where is the solution for terror? Let’s summarize with few words only: Most of the ‘terrorist candidates’ are young, energized, wants to fight for wrong, wants to belong a group and be a hero and have an excitement in his life. The irony is that these characters (properties) are what we look for in young scientists. Science give self confidence, works with team effort, runs for fighting truth, makes a young person hero of other young scientists. The only difference is that who leads those young minds. One leads them for DESTROYING, the other leads them towards BUILDING. For most of the Europeans ‘USA is using terror problem issue as a reason for reaching oil resources in middle east’. Even so, this problematic lock can be opened only with one single key: Science. Via science, hunt this young brains before terroristic leaders hunt them and educate them as the strongest human energy resources for establishing whatever those American dreams are. 
Even one penny of those trillions of dollars was not used for capturing these ‘identity seekers in their own land and give them education and more importantly HOPE! Transferring science and technology to those ‘dangerous lands’, building ‘server systems for USA’s main goals’, not letting evil people to get advantage of those young people is the ONLY WAY stopping terror. Terror wakes up with hopelessness and joblessness, and dies with hope and education and science... 
Oh well, I talked too much this time I know! It might be because of my egg allergies.

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